054 Vajrapani (tib. Chagna Dorje)

Our meditation texts are published in two different formats: DIN A5 and tibetan format. The texts in format A5 are available as booklets and as loose-leaf on cardboard. Loose-leaf texts may be individually compiled.

Italic typeset texts are only available in connection with the relevant transmissions in the centers and are not available in our Online-Shop.

Subdivisions of texts
xxx.000 – xxx.099    Sadhanas and prayers
xxx.100 – xxx.199    Teachings
xxx.200 – xxx.299    Additional texts and explanations


054-002 The Demon-Subduing Lord of Secrets – The very brief daily Practice of Vajrapāni (tib. Chagna Dorje)

054-002-a5h-en Booklet DIN A5
054-002-tib-en Tibetan format